What are E-commerce Websites?

E-commerce, to be precise, is Electronic Commerce. In other words, e-Commerce websites are online shopping websites, whether single brand or multi-brand. In this technologically advanced world, almost every business is striving to register its online presence. Business websites, that used to be a reliable source of corporate information and company profile, are now selling products and services to its customers. In addition to, a number of multi-brand online shopping websites have also emerged into existence. In past few years, e-commerce websites have surfaced as a pleasant media of shopping for customers, but interestingly it has also shown a new way of gains for businesses. This is the very reason, why thousands of online shopping websites are being launched every month.

E-Commerce Solutions From NCR IT Solution

Being a consummate web development company, NCR IT Solution also offers E-commerce web development solutions. In our team of web developers, we have highly experienced e-commerce specialists, who carry a handsome proficiency in this genre of web development. We have developed and successfully programmed countless e-commerce websites in our journey, so far.

We have different e-commerce solutions and service packages that are planned to fit into the budget of any e-commerce venture. You can also customize your e-commerce solution package, right according to your business requirements. When we cater our e-commerce development services, we give you responsive e-commerce website, so that your audience can reach your website from almost any device, such as smartphone, tablet or e-watch.

If you opt for our e-commerce solutions, we provide you with easy to manage and run back-office control (admin) panel, which will help you keep a track of all your online orders and sales outputs. You can also add and list new and delete old products, using this admin panel. We will also give you varied payment gateway options, which you will choose to receive payments from your customers.

Additionally, we will also be there to assist you, if you face some bafflements and troubles. We have a support desk, which you can contact 24x7. If you are interested in our E-commerce Solutions, kindly give us a call or send us an email; we shall be reaching you with a quote, as soon as we hear from you.