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“Without hosting your website, it would be unfeasible for your website to appear on the World Wide Web.”

Web Hosting is a must for all businesses, whether small, medium or large, who want to book a space and immense online recognition. You can get your website designed and developed, but if you haven’t ordered your hosting space, your website will not be viewable for your target audience and clients.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service, which, as we have said above, allows your customers to access your website. There are various web hosting service providercompanies that provide website owners with hosting space on a web server, and internet connectivity through their data center. You as a website owner can purchase the space and connectivity, as per your individual and business requirements. However, there is also available Free Web Hosting Solutions, which are good enough for single page, lightweight websites, but it has its restraints, which creates intricacies for multi-paged websites.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Apart from Free Hosting, following are three other types of web hosting solutions – Shared Hosting – As the name goes, you purchase the hosting space, which you share with other websites on the same server. In this provision, you also share software applications with others.

Dedicated Hosting – It is far safer than the earlier; in this setting, you get the entire dedicated server for your website’s hosting. You also get access to all the applications and facilitations of the data center, under the dedicated hosting environment.

Co-located Hosting – In the co-location environment, you have the ownership of the hosting space and server, but it is placed and installed at the setup of web-host. It comes as a great reassure for enterprises that do not have sufficient space to have the facility in their premises.

Web Hosting Services From NCR IT Solution – NCR IT Solution brings customized hosting solutions for its clients. We have been providing reliable hosting services to varied businesses over the years. We have set the benchmark of 99.9 percent uptime and availability.

We Offer – Windows and Linux Hosting Ease to use control panel 24x7 support desk

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